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Night market in Malaysia is a very popular occasion and here they called it as “Pasar malam”.

Uptown D’Kota located in Kota Damansara have such a big night market.

People can motivate you to buy something by using their own special skills

The night market is the place where you can find anything that you want from local foods, cloths, jewelries, cosmetics, toys, and pets.

He was sleeping that time

The most interesting part is the karaoke competition so people would have the opportunity to highlight their talent by participating in karaoke singing session live on stage.

Visitors can choose from a variety of genres of music like rock, ballads, and even Malaysia ethnic songs which a DJ will play the beat for them.

All the goods are sold at a very reasonable price. You can use your bargaining skills here to get the best price.

At the night market in Uptown, there are more than 10 other food outlets that also serve a variety of special menus for visitors such as western food, chicken roll, curry mee, satay, seafood, and cendol (Malaysia famous dessert).

Delicious foods

“I like to hang out at the night market because there’s food, entertainment and many stuff are on ‘hot’ sale. It doesn’t cost that much and the people there give you a warm feeling than being at high-end clubs actually,” said Nor Atiqah Mohd Zaini.

Night markets usually take place in the evening from about 6pm to 11pm at various places.

There are many night markets in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Tourist likes to go there and they really enjoy the environment because they could experience all the local flavors.

This is where people usually go for chilling and gossiping

For those of you who want to taste something new in their shopping experience, comes visit night market. You will totally be surprised.

Pictures taken by Tamanna Reza Sangita

By Tamanna Reza Sangita


  1. Thats a great effort. was there a few weeks before. Truly agreed with the editor. Nice place/ Keep it up.

    Mc Webby

    • How was your experience at the night market Mc Webby? We hope you had a great time there. Do come again. =)

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